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Meet Marlene, Founder

BEAUTY EXPERT, SPOKESPERSON AND SPA PIONEER, MARLENE KATZ, paved the way for holistic skin care and built a healthy business in the cosmetic industry. As a multi-spa owner, with spas in NYC, Miami, Westport and Fairfield CT, Marlene had a diverse clientele of women who became her focus group, and allowed for the hands-on creation of Intelligent-SkinSense products.  

Marlene followed her dream and launched one of the first NYC day spas in 1983. She continued her studies in paramedical esthetics where she became an expert in lymphatic and electronic facial treatments. Marlene had experienced rosacea  in her teens which returned when she was in her 30's. This inspired Marlene to study the causes of skin sensitivities and the relationship to environment and hormones play on the skin. Marlene spent seven years working behind the scenes in a well-respected laboratory in product development, before launching Intelligent-SkinSense product line. 


Natural Products

Intelligent SkinSense products were tested at the companies multi-spa locations in NYC, Miami, Westport and Fairfield CT. The spas diverse clientele of women became the focus group, and allowed for the hands-on creation of Intelligent-SkinSense products.  The proven concept launched in 2010 and has continued to gain the attention of the press as an emerging niche line.

 Intelligent-SkinSense follows a holistic approach to target skin cells from the inside out. The traditional botanical formulas are fueled with Scientific and Clinically tested ingredients. As the skin ages, collagen production slows down. Intelligent SkinSense combats this by using H202. These two key components are comprised of WATER-RICH ingredients to hydrate and cells and OXYGENATING-HERBS that aid collagen production. In as little as three weeks you will see healthy skin that appears younger than its age.  


Hear what customers are saying...

Bag Lady Age Rebelling Gel is the most incredible eye serum!


Author of T.I.P.S.

I am amazed at how wonderful my skin looks since I started using your products 5 months ago.


Intelligent Skin Spa Patron

Bag Lady gives me the confidence of knowing, I look my best no matter, how much shut eye I get.


TV Producer

I have been using the product for about five days. My skin looks smoother, I think it has more color not as pasty. I am 56 fair skinned, I have puffy eyes, dark spots and red spots. I am tired of trying products that do not work. But there is something about this product that makes my skin feel smoother. Thank you for your support.

- Kathleen