About Us

Meet Marlene your personal skin care advisor!

Founder of Intelligent SkinSense

BEAUTY EXPERT, SPOKESPERSON AND SPA PIONEER, MARLENE KATZ, paved the way for holistic skin care and built a healthy business in the cosmetic industry. As a multi-spa owner, with spas in NYC, Philly, Miami, Westport and Fairfield CT, Marlene had a diverse clientele of women who became her focus group and allowed for the hands-on creation of Intelligent-SkinSense products.

What moved Marlene to follow her dream and launch one of the first days spas in the 1980's in New York City was her own skin care challenges. As a teen, Marlene had experienced rosacea that returned when she was in her 30's. This inspired Marlene to study the causes of skin sensitivities and the relationship that the environment and hormones play on the skin. She went on to become licensed and certified in esthetics, make-up artistry, herbology, and aromatherapy. Her passion was in developing products and in Marlene's first spa she built a kitchen where her handmade concoctions were born. Marlene continued her studies in paramedical esthetics and became specialized in lymphatic and microcurrent facial treatments. Later in her career, she spent seven years working behind the scenes in a well-respected laboratory in product development, before launching Intelligent-SkinSense product line.

Marlene's latest endeavor is the study of oncology esthetics, a certification program with the Heart Math Institute and a book in the making called "Agerebelution".

  • Intelligent SkinSense: Philosophy

    We know life is busy. Intelligent SkinSense products are made for time-crunched women who appreciate how easy a skin system is and how affordable the quality products are.

  • Natural ingredients

    Intelligent-SkinSense follows a holistic approach to target skin cells from the inside out. The traditional botanical formulas are fueled with Scientific and Clinically tested ingredients. They combine natural and organic ingredients with green chemistry.

  • Made for the most Sensitive Skin

    It is not just what is put into the products, but what is left out. The products are free of synthetic color, fragrance, and dyes, there are no harsh alcohols, and the preservative system is paraben free. Intelligent SkinSense customers with acne, rosacea, eczema and dry sensitive skin offer their testimonials to share how well the line works for them.

Collagen and O2

As the skin ages, collagen production slows down. Intelligent SkinSense combats this by using H202. These two key components, comprised of WATER-RICH ingredients to hydrate and cells and OXYGENATING-HERBS that aid collagen production creates glowing and balanced skin. In as little as three weeks you will see healthy skin that appears younger than its age.

Made In America

Intelligent SkinSense products are made in the USA and were spa-tested at Intelligent Skin Spa. The proven concept and client testimonials helped Intelligent SkinSense to successfully launch the line nationally in 2010 and has continued to gain the attention of the press as "a go-to niche line".

Bringing the Spa Home

If you can't make it to the spa, then bring the spa home! Our DIY spa tools come with easy to follow instructions and videos so you can do your own facial in the privacy of your home. Enjoy a natural face lifting treatment and exfoliation with ElectroLast and TriDermislide.