Skin Regime for your Condition

Aging/Thirsty Skin

If you have aging/fatigued skin...

Apply Life Line Patrol on neck and chest area  AM and PM and at night on the face for DRY SKIN only.

Apply Bare-It Oil ON TOP of moisturizer AM and PM (Spray a small amount to palms of hands and pat the skin on face and neck).

Apply Bag Lady under Lineage to treat under eye circles and puffiness.

Use ElectroLast At Home Facial one to three times a week.

Sensitive Skin Recommendations


If you have sensitive skin...

Cleanse skin with Melt-Down Cleanser PM only.

Do not cleanse in the AM-simply splash the face with cool water five times and pat dry.

Apply Lock In Serum before moisturizer AM.

Apply Saturation Spray PM and apply Mineral Deposit on top.

Apply Twilight Self-Correcting Mask once a week on top of serum.

Acne Skin Recommendation

If you have acne skin...

Cleanse skin AM and PM with Even Out Cleanser.

Apply Mineral Deposit under Building Blocks moisturizer and at night alone.

Use TriDermislide to exfoliate the skin  twice a week.

Bathe two to three times a week with Diva Soak for a minimum of 10 minutes (it is important to relax and help the skin detoxify.)

Drink Immunit-T Tea twice a day to strengthen the skin with antioxidants and eliminate excess fluids throughout the day. 

Dry Skin



Spray skin with Saturation Hydration Mist (mist and pat the skin on face and neck)

Follow with Chain Reaction Moisturizer

Apply Lineage Eye and Lip Balm


Cleanse with Melt Down Cleanser

Apply Lock In Serum to face and neck

Pat face with Chain Reaction Moisturizer

Use Lineage Eye and Lip Balm

Oily Skin



Tone with Saturation Spray, and apply with a cotton pad 

Moisturize with Building Blocks

Apply Bag Lady eye gel to nourish eye area


Cleanse with Even Out

Tone with Saturation Hydrating Spray (mist and pat the skin on face and neck)

Apply Mineral Deposit Serum to blemished areas

Apply Bag Lady eye gel to nourish eye are

Cellulite Dimpled Skin

Use Even Out as a daily body wash.

While skin is still warm, apply Cellaction Contour Gel to dimpled skin.

Follow with Bare-It Oil to moisturize the skin.

Take a bath 2-3 times a week with Diva Soak.

Drink Opportuni-T to cleanse the body from the inside out.

Home Spa Tools

Bring the Spa Home with skin care and tools.

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