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The ElectroLast MINI adopts a low electronic, gentle current that helps stimulate and smooth fine facial likes around your eyes and lips. You are in control to adjust the frequency to your personal comfort level. Lift and tone with this ElectroLast by becoming your face’s own personal trainer!

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The ElectroLast MINI is your go to travel companion to smooth out fine facial lines around your eyes and lips.

Cosmetic science reveals that micro-current facials have positive anti-aging benefits. This method is a holistic alternative to improve the appearance of the skin and is safer and gentler than invasive procedures like plastic surgery or controversial injectable substances such as Botox. ElectroLast MINI is easy to use, travels with you, and is affordable.

The ElectroLast MINI adopts low electronic, gentle current that helps stimulate circulation, minimize fine lines and lift sagging skin around the lips and eyes. You are in control to adjust the frequency to your personal comfort level. Overtime as your skin adjusts to the device the sensation may diminish and sometimes you may not feel any sensation at all.

Soon you will see the effects of ElectroLast. Your skin will look firmer, your facial muscles toner, reduced lines and skin folds, and an overall glow to your complexion.


1. Cleanse the face and eye area thoroughly with a mild face cleanser and rinse well with water.

2. The micro-current works best on damp skin. To keep the skin wet, have a bowl of water and a cotton pad or sponge set aside to wet the face as needed.

Suggested Levels of Intensity: Please note that the suggested levels can be adjusted as needed to suit your own comfort level. At no time, should the treatment be uncomfortable.

Mode I – Red LED

Sliding: These movements address the longer muscles. Remember to begin at the base of the neck and slide the probes upwards. ~ Use level 2 to 3 for rst pass around face.

Mode II – Blue LED

Lift & Hold: These movements address the shorter muscles. Gently lift the skin up with each pinching movement. Note: The diagram uses lines to show whether to hold the machine vertical or to hold it horizontal. ~ Use level 3-4 for second pass around face.

Mode III – Red & Blue LED

Erase & Feather: Use Erase & Feather strokes to smooth away fine lines. Use short and light feather type movements like a brush stroke with water colors. ~ Use level 4-5 for the third pass around face.


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