I have been using the product for about five days. My skin looks smoother, I think it has more color not as pasty. I am 56 fair skinned, I have puffy eyes, dark spots and red spots. I am tired of trying products that do not work. But there is something about this product that makes my skin feel smoother. Thank you for your support.


I just tried the wonderful juice of apple, cucumber, celery, and carrot this morning. It tasted wonderful! I also made the White Cucumber and Grape Visseychoise Soup. How delicious! I was thrilled with these recipes. I would like more of your recipes but only found the soup and other juice on your site. Do you have recipes you can share or a wonderful cookbook? I would ABSOLUTELY LOVE more of them. Thank you so much.

- Debbie

"I just had to share with you how amazed I am at how wonderful my skin looks since I started using your products 5 months ago. My skin was extremely dry, with broken blood vessels and lots of dark sun spots and many fine lines and wrinkles. It felt horrible and was making me look older than my actual years. And it wasn't from a lack of trying. I was using a ton of products and could never find anything that made my skin feel or look better. Then I fortunately was introduced to you and your fabulous line of products. You sat me down, asked me lots of questions, not only about what I was using but also what I was eating and what vitamins I was taking. And then you started me with a light regimen of cleanser, hydrating saturation, moisturizer, eye cream and a night serum. You did not overload me with products as most other skin care professionals do. Within one month I noticed a remarkable difference. My skin is soft and glowing. And now unbelievably, most of my red spots are gone and the sun spots have lightened and my skin looks and feels fantastic! I can actually go without foundation and look good! And my skin feels so soft I just can't stop touching it! Thank you for your wonderful products and your caring advice. I love coming to your salon. It is so calming and serene! Can't wait to see you soon! "

- Best Joyce